Karl: Alaska tour + Wyoming camp hosting = Generator retired

Our family has enjoyed trailer camping for almost 20 years with a preference for remotely located campgrounds. Doing so for any length of time without 110V required the addition of solar panels and even a generator, especially when camping off grid for up to 6 weeks. We found out the hard way neither of those two options guaranteed worry free camping, simply due to the fact that that a single deep cycle lead acid battery would run down and force us to have to run the generator for almost a whole day to get back to full use. Changing out incandescent light bulbs for LED lights seemed to help, but did not eliminate the guessing game of when the battery needed recharging from a generator.


This did not change much when getting a new trailer with two batteries. A voltage gauge was found to be inaccurate and running a generator was not always possible.


When meeting Mel Hendricks at a an Aliner Rally, we were introduced to a different option now available as a multi use powerpack now available through the boondocking power website. We overcame initial sticker shock and took the best plunge ever. Our boondocking power system was installed in early 2019 and tested under real travel and camping conditions, as for example driving an average of 300 miles daily for a total of 5 weeks and often an average of 5 days without access to 110V. Finally we stayed an additional 5 weeks in one place without 110V.


No power issues and best of all no worries or second guessing, simply due to the blue tooth read out available any time within 30 feet. This included an accurate read out for our portable solar system. Thanks to Mel's boondocking power system we finally kissed our generator good bye to travel lighter and camp more quietly. Not carrying extra generator fuel was safer and definitely less smelly.


The expense is long forgotten as we now can focus on travel and camping. Thanks, Mel: Your system works as stated on your web site, and best of all pays for itself by outlasting lead acid systems many time over.


Karl & Judi.