Limitless boondocking made simple with our Custom Power System

Boondocking Power owners personal camper.


Boon-dock comfortably with our integrated LFP power system feeling confident your path is lit and your adventure is carefree. 


Our custom-built Smarter Power system provides Easy Install, Extremely Long Lifespan, Expandability, and Easy Transfer to your next RV.

Compact. Powerful. Safe.

Boondocking provides Ultimate Safety


Chemical, electronic, and physical combine to make LFP the safest known RV battery system.

Boondocking has an Exteme Lifespan


Up to 8000 discharges  thanks to rare cell-by-cell balancing and easy % charge monitoring.

Boondocking Powr uses Smarter Batteries


State of charge (% charge), Volts, Amps, temperature, cell-by-cell volts, and alarm status displayed on your phone.

From the outermost cliff...

You focus on your trip and experiences, not on your power systems. In less than one minute per day within 30 feet of your camper, you can confirm power level and charging operation.

To an undiscovered


Your Boondocking Power System is connection ready for adding battery capacity, solar charging power, and inverters for off-grid 120vac. With long-lasting power and freedom from plug-in sites our two-piece system provides a compact, streamlined alternative to more complicated, multi-part systems.

Roam Free

Our power system is easy to install and easy to live with - a silent, portable, reliable boondocking and dry camping power option. 


Superior Design by a UTx Electrical Engineer, this system was created to solve his OWN desire for power freedom. Tested, proven, ready for adventure.

Boondocking Power Supply